Mapping the Hostile Environment in Higher Arts Education
Wednesday 3 February 2021, 2pm GMT

Join this free workshop, run by international students, alumni, practitioners, and migrant cultural workers, Kat McGrath and Siddhi Gupta. This is the second of three sessions exploring the hostile environment in higher arts education. The conversations in this workshop will feed into the development of a poster-based artwork for the Cypher BILLBOARD site in North London.

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"We are international students, alumni, practitioners, and migrant cultural workers. In this first workshop, we propose to map how the Hostile Environment manifests within the ecosystems of the cultural sector. The pandemic has affected us all, but its bearing on higher arts education has been unique and intense. We are interested in unpacking these experiences as students are forced to move back to their home countries. We would like to provoke dialogue regarding their reviews/reflections of their time in the UK and their plans for the future.

With this knowledge, we wish to map the ways in which this is linked to the creative industry, the larger cultural sector, and the even larger political realm this sector functions in (i.e. huge tuition fees, visa status during studies, colonial curriculums, post study visa, casualised workforce, discriminatory practices within the institution, etc).

We will facilitate these conversations through a series of provocations that will contribute to the process and the outcome of a map produced for the Cypher BILLBOARD site."

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