Felicity Hammond


2 - 29 December 2017 | Domino Houses Billboard, Bounds Green Road, N22 8YB

In recent work, Felicity Hammond has been investigating the worlds of computer-generated images through photography, with a particular focus on the seemingly sleek architectural propositions that make up a large part of our urban fabric. She has been both extracting imagery from architectural renders and bringing them into the physical space through creating 3D photo-sculptures, whilst also making collage works which adopt the image-making methodologies of architectural visualization artists. Working in this way, she addresses the spatial inconsistencies provided by simulated architectural propositions,challenging their material status when they intersect the post-industrial landscape. We are at a key moment in image production, where as the software that is used to produce computer generated imagery becomes more readily available, the rendered image starts to break down. This disruption of the rendered image points to an inconsistency within a capitalist narrative, and Felicity’s work uses this digital disruption to point to the future ruin of the city.

This new work brings Felicity’s photo object installations back into the space of the two-dimensional, entering images back into the context from which they were excavated. She uses the surface of the billboard to negate the spatial qualities of the sets that they depict, whilst also considering what happens to these images over time. Rather than the sun kissed fantasies often rendered, this work imagines the image to be sun damaged – an image is left for longer than intended, the fate of the future city unknown.

Felicity Hammond received a Masters degree from the Royal College of Art in 2014, and is currently undertaking a TECHNE funded PhD at Kingston University. |

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