The Changeover

Saturday 8 October 2022, 6.30-8.30pm 

Domino Houses Billboard, Bounds Green Road, London, N22 8YB

Join us to celebrate the BILLBOARD x FAMILY LINES programme with a live posting of Alice Rekab + Éireann and I’s ‘We Make Our Own Table’ to launch the second half of our poster exchange, following Henrique Paris’ commission ‘Registo II’. Come early to see both works up on the site and meet the artists over a drink.

About the works:

Henrique J Paris’ BILLBOARD x FAMILY LINES poster commission, ‘Registo II’ (14 August - 8 October 2022), explores prospects of autonomy in Black life and the overlaps between branding & identity. Drawing on Henrique’s background in Philosophy and Film, the work uses philosophical and political frames of reference to consider socio-spatial tensions present in contemporary public framings and readings of Black subject(s). Read more about the work here.

‘We Make Our Own Table’ (8 October - 27 November 2022) is a new BILLBOARD x FAMILY LINES poster commission by artist Alice Rekab, developed in collaboration with community archive Éireann and I. Over the last two years they have worked together with members of the Black Irish community in the UK and Ireland to explore experiences of race, place and belonging through a series of consultations, workshops and a public exhibition. The artwork Alice has made for Cypher BILLBOARD is a meditation on the importance of this time spent together and the objects and conversations that were shared. Read more about the work here.

This programme is part of FAMILY LINES; a multi-platform project by artist Alice Rekab in collaboration with community archive Éireann and I, commissioned by The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin. Each stage of the project considers the importance of both platforming voices of colour and making specific spaces for self-representation and gathering, and each stage informs the next stage of the project. The FAMILY LINES project was commissioned by The Douglas Hyde and is supported by The Arts Council of Ireland / An Chomhairle Ealaíon through a Project Award. This Cypher BILLBOARD programme has been made possible with support from The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Culture Ireland, and Stephen & Ljuba Morris.

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