Ryan McClelland / C Potential

Organised by Groundswell Arts, Funded by SCOPE

Domino Houses Billboard, Bounds Green Road, N22 8YB

August - September 2023

Cypher BILLBOARD new commission ids work produced through Cyanotype workshops led by Artist Ryan McClelland at C Potential.

In August 2023  Ryan McClelland led the first of three workshops at C Potential a charity based in Muswell supporting movement impaired children and their families. Commissioned by Groundswell Arts and funded by Scope.

Worksop participants explored silhouettes through shadow play, using projectors and manipulating scale, the next step for making imagery was the explored through process of creating cyanotypes, an early form of photography. The workshop and the work produced were documented and edited together to create the final Billboard.

Ryan is a Haringey-based visual artist whose practice revolves around the notion of imprint and memory and how materials record and replicate imagery.

Workshops were organised by Cypher Partners, Groundswell Arts and generously funded by SCOPE.

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